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Bombay Sapphire Stir Creativity Canvas pop-up bar

Bombay Sapphire Stir Creativity Canvas pop-up bar

2 July 2019

"Stir Creativity", that's the mission of Bombay Sapphire and that was the theme of CANVAS. Last month Bombay filled every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with creativity and art during the CANVAS pop-up bar. What exactly was the idea behind this blue oasis and what can we learn from it in terms of cocktails?

The idea behind the CANVAS pop-up bar

You say Bombay Sapphire gin, you say blue. That association was emphasized and played with during this event. The Machinegebouw in the Westergasfabriek provided the perfect stage for the second edition of CANVAS. The approach: a creative exhibition of visual art & the art of making cocktails. There was a free registration and the guests were invited to admire the art, taste cocktails and get inspired.

The inspiration

The large space became the stage for artists, with the theme: nature. The inspiration comes from the "Blue Plant" series by David Attenborough. The world-famous blue identity of Bombay Sapphira has been incorporated into a number of concepts. By incorporating the blue ocean theme in the works of art, visitors were reminded of the beauty of our globe.

Surf cocktail

Cocktails played an important role because creativity, self-expression and taste are central here - just like in art. The cocktails came from Julian Buyani, a talented bartender known from Vesper Bar in Amsterdam. With his creations, he immersed you in an underwater adventure. 

Our favorite was the "Surf", a crazy twist on the pina colada. The cocktail consisted of Bombay Sapphire gin, Chartreuse Jaune, Paranubes Aguardiente, Tico's Tepache, Cardamom bitters, coconut and blue spirulina. Tepache is a fermented drink made from the skin of pineapple, sweetened with some piloncillo (a raw form of cane sugar) or with brown sugar and usually seasoned with cinnamon and possibly other herbs. The tepache gives the whole a surprising twist on variant of the pina colada, which normally contains pineapple. Tico's Tepache is a company that specializes in making Tepache, they take the profession of fermentation to a professional level and available for a friendly price. Finally, the blue spirulina, this is a healthy algae. It gives a special flavor and color and is super healthy.

In short: a special event that we certainly look forward to again. The next event will take place in a year's time. Below you will find some pictures as an impression of the atmosphere. Were you there too and/or will you be there (again) next time?

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