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Cocktail course in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a professional company where you can go for a cocktail course in Amsterdam? Maybe you're organizing a bachelor party or some other festive occasion or you want your employees to learn how to make cocktails. Despite the fact that cocktails are often served, making a cocktail is more difficult than many people think. Learn how to make your own favourite cocktail during a course from The Cocktail Agency! A Mojito, Tequila sunrise, Sex on the Beach, Bloody mary... You name it! We will gladly teach you more about the recipe and about how to make a delicious cocktail shaket!

Contact the professional cocktails shakers today and learn more during the cocktail course! Maybe you'll be shaking your own soon.

Learn the tricks of the trade during a cocktail course in Amsterdam

During the cocktail course in Amsterdam the cocktail bartenders will teach you the tricks of the trade. Making a good cocktail is all about the right amounts and the right ingredients. In addition, the appearance of a cocktail also plays an important role. Our mixologist will be happy to teach you the secrets, so you can make your own cocktail. We'll teach you everything you need to know about shaking cocktails. After the explanation you will start stirring, mixing, shaking and of course garnishing yourself! What else is fun? Of course you can taste the cocktail yourself! But why do you have to be at The Cocktail Agency for a workshop cocktail shaking?

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  • Premium segment
  • Tailor-made workshops
  • The cocktail shaker trains Dutch champion cocktail shakers

For the past 10 years owner Dave Alexis Mulder has been responsible for training and coaching Dutch cocktail champions for international cocktail competitions.

With a lot of passion | The Cocktail Agency

Because our bartenders of The Cocktail Agency have more than 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, they can teach you exactly how to make a cocktail. The owner, Dave Alexis Mulder, has helped many luxury hotels to create successful starting bars. But he can advise in all kinds of areas! From putting together menus, training staff to innovative developments. You've come to the right place at The Cocktail Agency:

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Take the cocktail course in Amsterdam

Learn the tricks of the trade during a cocktail course in our capital Amsterdam. Mix, stir, shake and taste the end result you can be proud of! Thanks to the expertise of our mixologists, you can amaze your friends and family with your cocktail skills. Of course it is also possible that you can now serve your guests delicious cocktails in your own catering company. Your customers will thank you! Would you like to know more about what our professionals have to offer? Feel free to contact us!

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