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Forget everything you know about existing cocktail courses and think of a cocktail workshop at The Cocktail Agency. We're not just making delicious cocktails. With us, it's all about fulfilling your purpose. Do you want an enjoyable afternoon, do you want a closer relationship between the people present or do you want people to learn something? Thanks to strong communication with the customer, we can be sure that the afternoon will be a success.

The workshop lasts about two hours and starts with a piece of history of the cocktail world. This is followed by a piece of theory on types of cocktails, preparation techniques and a demonstration. The cocktails we make are from homemade recipes, so no existing mainstream cocktails. Then comes the fun part: the unlimited development of the recipes under professional guidance. There is a chopping board and shaker for everyone. A wide choice of ingredients are available from different types of spirits, liqueur syrups and fruits. Finally, we end the afternoon with a competition in which you hand in your best homemade recipe. The best cocktail wins a prize for a competitive touch!

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Why a cocktail workshop at The Cocktail Agency?

  • Good for teambuilding
  • A fun but also instructive activity
  • Fully personalized and custom made
  • Homemade and original recipes
  • Expert guidance for optimal results
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