Hire a cocktail bar for an
unforgettable wedding

Do you want to give an unforgettable party at your wedding? Rent a complete cocktail bar and make the evening party complete. Our experienced and hospitable bartender will create the most exclusive and delicious cocktails for your guests. Because we can take care of the entire cocktail catering, you will have nothing to worry about. You can leave the preparation to us. We will bring along the cocktail drink, glassware, ice cubes and fruit for garnishing. With an extensive cocktail menu, we have something for everyone. Create a unique experience with an atmospheric cocktail bar at your wedding, a tasteful and convivial eye-catcher.

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Cocktail catering
Cocktails on location

Why hire a cocktail bar for your wedding?

  • Experience

    We have more than 12 years of experience in cocktail catering.

  • Spectacular

    We create exclusive and delicious cocktails. This will undoubtedly impress your guests.

  • Professional

    The unique cocktails are served by a professional barman.

  • Quality

    The best value for money you can find and expect.

Tasteful cocktail bar for every wedding

What could be more festive than treating your guests to freshly prepared cocktails? We will provide the perfect interpretation for your wedding. We like to think along with you and come up with a personalised solution. We will take your wishes and needs into account. The minimum catering hire is 4 hours at a fixed rate.

Not just any cocktail bar

We go beyond a standard cocktail bar. The real cocktail experience, that's what we go for. The menu can vary between 4 and 8 cocktails, depending on your wishes. We would be happy to help you come up with a unique menu. We will make the most of the cocktail bar to make your wedding a guaranteed success.

Cocktail bar wedding

Complete package for a successful wedding

  • -A professional and hospitable bartender at your wedding;
  • -A complete cocktail bar with an inviting appearance;
  • -Ingredients: specially selected premium spirits, liqueurs, spices, purees, syrups and fresh juices, the finest fruit for garnishing;
  • -Materials such as glassware, bar tools such as blender, shakers, strainers and ice cubes/crushed ice.


Cocktail bar hire for weddings

Tailor-made packages

Together with you, we create a varied cocktail menu with special cocktails. Always with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail options and of course with the best high-end premium ingredients, best fruit and out-of-the-box ideas.

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Price example of a fixed number of cocktails:

20 persons, 2 cocktails per person.
-This includes: 40 cocktails, cocktail bartender, premium ingredients and garnishes specially selected by The Cocktail Agency, beautiful mobile cocktail bar, glasses, ice and logistics (excluding transport costs).
-The price is €25,- per person.

100 people with 2 cocktails per person.
-This includes: 200 drinks, 2 cocktail bartenders, beautiful mobile cocktail bar, premium ingredients and garnishes specially selected by The Cocktail Agency, glasses, ice and logistics (excluding transport costs).
-The price is €15,- per person.

Price example of unlimited number of cocktails:

80 people with unlimited cocktails.
-This includes: unlimited cocktails in 3 hours, bartender, premium ingredients and garnishes specially selected by The Cocktail Agency, beautiful mobile cocktail bar, glasses, ice and logistics (excluding transportation costs).
-The price is €30,- per person.

All prices are indications and depend on the wishes and cocktail choices.


Mathijs van Riet
Mathijs van Riet
Very nice workshop. Good presentation, friendly people and delicious drinks. Many thanks!
Inga Vyugova
Inga Vyugova
Have you ever tried best chilly margarita in your life? I bet not - if you haven't tried Cocktails' agency drinks 😉 we hired them service for the event. Everything was professional & delicious!
Shauna Butterly
Shauna Butterly
Highly recommend! Dave and Chris were incredible hosts and very easy to work with. The chilli and cucumber margaritas were amazing.
Faisel Sheikh-Alibaks
Faisel Sheikh-Alibaks
Super guests, all led by Dave!

Some of our customers

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Contact us to hire a cocktail bar for your wedding. If you have any questions, we can be reached by telephone at 06 28 868 309. Or send us an e-mail: welcome@thecocktailagency.nl.

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Frequently asked questions about cocktail catering

What does cocktail catering mean?

Cocktail catering means that you get the best cocktails served without worries, prepared by a professional cocktail shaker. This can take the form of a mobile cocktail bar on a yacht, in a banquet hall or a beautiful outdoor location. A mixologist with years of experience will then prepare the tastiest and most unique cocktails live for all guests. That means one big spectacle and entertainment from behind the bar. This allows you to attract attention in a playful way. That's why it's also great for a trade fair, product launch or an event where several entrepreneurs are present.

We notice that cocktail catering is a perfect way to give a party, event or launch a deeper dimension. Our cocktails feel like a present and put a smile on everyone's face. Learn more about our cocktail catering and create your own cocktail bartender hire? Then feel free to take contact with us.

Why cocktail catering by us?

The Cocktail Agency consists of a team of young innovators who like to convey their passion for cocktails at every event. At affordable prices we offer our clients a very complete top service.

  • Our cocktail shakers have a lot of experience (over 12 years)
  • You always get unique cocktails based on your own recipes
  • We offer a professional appearance and appropriate decoration
  • We work in an innovative way
  • We continuously develop and improve our cocktail menu
  • We have fixed cocktail prices

Are you planning an event or party where a cocktail catering with your own bartender can provide the entertainment? Please fill in the contact sheet .

Is non-alcoholic cocktail catering also possible?

Yes, it is! Together with you we make a varied mocktail menu with special Cocktail Agency mocktails. Our non-alcoholic cocktails will certainly surprise your guests, of course with the best premium ingredients, best fruit and out of the box ideas.

We also offer our specially developed Mindful cocktails (with and without alcohol) with cold-pressed juices to drink responsibly. If you are looking for something special for lunch, we also offer our cold-pressed juice bar with combinations such as pineapple, chili, sage, lemon and apple.

The menu can vary between 4 and 8 cocktails/mocktails, depending on your wishes. We like to think along with you about the menu. Or we add special mocktails, so it might be interesting for more people to go for a non-alcoholic cocktail! After all, exclusivity makes it interesting. Feel free to take a look at us blog with interesting options.

Feel free to contact with us to put together your cocktail menu.

Can The Cocktail Agency help me put together a cocktail menu?

Absolutely. If we love something, it's developing unique taste experiences in the form of an overwhelming or chic cocktail. In addition to catering and cocktail workshops in Amsterdam you can therefore also call on us for advice and consultancy. We gladly offer entrepreneurs and hospitality owners the opportunity to make use of our mixology and cocktail knowledge.

Would you like to put together a special cocktail menu in which your hospitality venue or company values come to life? We are happy to help you develop the perfect cocktail menu for your bar, restaurant, club or events! Of course we take into account what is most important for your company. Whether it is a new direction and strategy for your company or just a breath of fresh air through your menu.

We can also support you by advising on and developing dining cards. Due to our extensive experience in the food & beverage industry in the hotel world, we can develop creative dining menus that go well with your brand identity.

Feel free to contact with us for consultancy.

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