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Menu development

A good cocktail menu acts as the backbone of your hospitality business and can boost the branding of your business. We can offer cocktail menu's from scratch or present the map of an existing catering establishment in a new format. We look carefully at the type of company we are dealing with, to make sure that the cocktail menu fits the company and the target group. It goes without saying that close cooperation and sharp communication with the hotel, bar or restaurant company are essential.

We closely follow the trends in the cocktail world, allowing us to make cocktails with interesting products that are new on the market. Whether you want special craft cocktails or classics, non-alcoholic cocktails or wines and beers, we will provide a menu to suit your business.

Why have a professional cocktail menu made?

  • Make a serious impression on demanding, discerning guests
  • Immediately show what the all-round experience of your concept is
  • Ensure the cocktails can be performed by your staff.

Cocktail training

What good is a beautiful business, a beautiful menu and hard-working staff if your bartenders are not up to date with the latest techniques? We give bartenders more self-confidence through cocktail training. They can take these skills with them in their careers in order to be able to tackle future challenges. We teach them to think in terms of solutions. We go much further than just explaining what techniques you use when, but make sure the bartenders know and understand why certain techniques are used.

What exactly the training courses look like depends entirely on your company, your staff and what you want. We can provide one-off training sessions, refresher courses every few months or provide training in combination with the launch of a new menu. If necessary, we can offer a theory test in the field of classic cocktails and a practical test, where we simulate real situations.

Why tailor-made cocktail training courses?

  • Training by professionals who also prepare the best bartenders in the world for world championships
  • More self-confidence for the bartenders
  • A more efficient work process
  • All noses in the same direction
  • Keep up to date with the latest techniques, trends, products and flavours

Tailor-made consultancy

Customisation, innovation and creativity are what we stand for and we are happy to apply them in the field of consultancy. We take a fresh look at the company, because we work from outside and have an independent view. What exactly the advice looks like depends on your company and the situation. For example, we can do a mystery guest research, write an extensive reflection or work on the floor and use it to make improvements.

Whatever your problem with cocktails, we will come up with a personalized and appropriate solution. Think, for example, of advice in the following areas:

  • Strategy: we help you make your next move, for example by advising you on your branding, the look of your catering business or costs
  • Brand development: who are you, what do you stand for, what do you want and who is your target group? We help you to get this clear
  • Efficiency: there is always room for improvement, especially in the hospitality industry and especially in the higher segment in which we operate. We advise you how
  • Service: advice on service in the broadest sense of the word helps you to increase efficiency and ultimately turnover
  • Personnel: without good staff there is no good restaurant business! We advise on the effectiveness of the current staff and any new staff
  • Stock management: managing stock seems easier than it is, especially with fresh products going into cocktail. We advise!

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