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Event catering

Do you have a major event planned? And are you looking for a party that can take care of all your catering needs? The Cocktail Agency will turn your party into a grand success. A live event is the way to make a good impression on customers, employees, investors or other important guests. But organising a successful event requires a great deal of preparation, time and concrete planning. We are an experienced party in the world of event catering. As an event planner and caterer, we know exactly what is involved in an event. With the right tools, skills and manpower, we ensure an unforgettable experience. So you don't have to worry about the entire catering, and you can enjoy the event without a care in the world.

Event catering for all celebrations

Event catering from The Cocktail Agency is a B2B service. We support companies to create a complete event. By taking on full catering, the company does not have to worry about all the details of an event. Enjoy the positive words about how great the event was and save yourself a lot of stress. You won't have to worry about arranging, planning and running the evening. Sit back with a delicious cocktail while we make sure the event runs smoothly. Think of a product launch, company party, presentation, annual planning, tradeshow/fair, ceremony, team building, convention or business meeting with coffee break. No event is too crazy for us. We work from parties of 100 to 10,000 people.

Event catering

From planning to execution

We can take care of the entire event catering. We arrange everything right down to the last detail, so that the event runs smoothly from start to finish. Good preparation is half the battle. It starts with an inventory of what is needed and what the requirements are. In addition, we make sure that everything falls within your budget. With a tight schedule, we do everything to meet all deadlines. What does the complete preparation look like? Consider the following aspects of an event:

  • Planning, communication and strategy: planning, streamlining events, monitoring budgets.
  • Arranging materials: renting materials and helping with set-up.
  • Media: graphic expressions and design such as flyers, brochures, or menus. Completely in the brand identity of your company.
  • Entertainment: light and sound on the dance floor, DJs and music for every budget, technical aspects that determine the atmosphere such as lighting at the entrance.
  • Food & drinks (our core, of course!): arranging caterers, for example chefs who have worked internationally or in the Amsterdam hospitality sector, high-quality bartenders and personalised bar.
  • Facility management: picking up guests, arranging taxis or other pick-up services.

Let us take care of your event down to the last detail

Do you have an event planned but don't want to worry about the catering? The Cocktail Agency is your caterer who will cater to all dietary requirements and provide that real "wow" feeling. Want to make a positive impression and ensure everything goes smoothly? Then let's call and see if we can do something for you and your event. Get in touch with us.

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