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Festival catering

Do you want professional catering at a festival? Festivals come in all shapes and sizes, but for all of them quality and details make the difference. The Cocktail Agency will make your event a great success. We have years of experience in live events and know like no other what a festival entails. Successful festival catering requires a great deal of preparation, time and concrete planning.

By outsourcing the catering to an experienced party, you avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and time. This leaves you more time to focus on other tasks, so that the festival runs smoothly and is taken care of down to the last detail. We provide the right manpower and tools to create an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your festival carefree and leave the catering to The Cocktail Agency. We can handle parties from 100 people up to 10,000 people.

Festival catering

Festival catering arranged from A to Z

The Cocktail Agency is a flexible and experienced festival caterer that can handle all your needs. We employ experienced bartenders, planners and caterers to make your party complete. Because every festival is unique, we provide customised services that fit within your concept. Whether it is a small event or a large festival, we will transform your idea into a unique experience. Because good preparation is half the battle, we start immediately with an inventory.

During this phase, we map out all your wishes so that we know exactly what we need. On the basis of the established budget, we make a plan of action, so that the festival falls within the budget. In combination with a well thought-out and tight planning, we make sure that all deadlines are met. What does our festival catering cover? We have listed the most important aspects for you below:

  • Planning, communication and strategy: planning, streamlining events, monitoring budgets.
  • Food & drinks: arranging caterers, for example chefs who have worked internationally or in Amsterdam's hospitality industry, high-quality bartenders and personalised bar.

Would you like to get to know our complete service and ideas? We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities of our festival catering. Besides festival catering, you can also use us for a company party, wedding or product launch. No event is too crazy for us. Please contact us and ask for a quotation.

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