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Our bar consultancy services include:

  • Exclusive Cocktail Catering
  • Brand promotion & ambassadorship
  • Gin Tonic Catering
  • Gin tastings
  • Whisky tastings
  • Menu development and innovation
  • staff trainings
  • rare whisky, rum and cognac
  • Management training and advice
  • Styling and development of mixed drinks and cocktails

The Cocktail Agency also takes care of the development of a total set-up of bars and its unique menus and supports pre-opening processes.

Luxury Cocktail catering

With more than 12 years of experience in cocktail catering, we are the partner for your business event, fair or congress. Extend the time a potential customer spends on your booth with a delicious cocktail. An absolute plus for the thirsty guest and eye catcher making your people end of year celebrations, birthday party or for any occasion whatsoever. You name it, we got your back!

Brand promotion

Being creative is fun. But even more fun is to be able to share this experience. When carefully analysing your product or brand, we translate this into your own unique identity. We provide enthusiasm for the product, which is guaranteed to lead to more interaction with your guests.

Bar Training

Confidence! Indispensable for every staff within every company. We provide tailor-made programmes and training. In order to guarantee success, we are close to the participants and adapt our programme to your target group. Pleasure in work automatically means quality. A motivated and skilled employee guarantees success.

Supplier of exclusive spirits

We have a weakness for rare drinks and in our search for them we make no concessions. Take the Japanese Whisky Hibiki 21, for example. Our collection of drinks allows us to deliver to the most exclusive bars in the Netherlands. When composing menus, we always take rare products and ingredients with us. Unique, that's what we stand for. We make the difference. Not only by mixing the most special taste combinations, but also by using unique and playful serving traditions without losing sight of speed, quality and efficiency.

We believe in a small but well-considered menu. We provide tailor-made cocktails and implement the essence of the profession in our training and advice programmes. This unique approach guarantees that your brand or product will be taken to a higher level. In our exclusive menu development program you will often come across different liqueurs and drinks that are no longer produced. We use them for exclusive cocktails and put them together especially for your target group and style.

Imagine... Classic cocktails with ingredients you won't find so easily. They don't say for nothing: everything used to be better! This is certainly true for the composite products of The Cocktail Agency.

We are also a retailer of these unique liqueurs and beverages and we supply a large number of bars, restaurants and hotels within the higher segment.

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