Sir Edmond Gin

Sir Edmond Gin is world’s first Bourbon vanilla infused gin. The best vanilla in the world comes from the island of Réunion, a paradise east of Madagascar. It is known as Bourbon vanilla. The makers of Sir Edmond Gin gave this beloved ingredient the main stage in their gin.

Gin 1689

Gin 1689, Other gins have a story. We have a legend. In 1689, William of Orange travelled to London from the Netherlands, bringing a Dutch drink – gin – with him. Safe to say, it caught on.


A characterful alcohol-free distilled spirit from Amsterdam. Authentically crafted with 10 botanicals and mixed with sand-filtered Dutch dune water. An intriguing and complex taste layered with herbal, flowery and fresh notes. Driven by the power of the dandelion leaves.  Standing out in any cocktail!

Mates Rum

Mates Rum is on a mission to redefine the spirits industry with contemporary, high-quality rums that focus on natural blending, drinking and transparency, offering rums without added sugars or secret ingredients.


MOÅ vodka is the first premium vodka infused with three individual distillations of fresh ginger, bergamot, and makrut lime leaves. Our one-of-a-kind production process ensures the perfect balance of flavors without the need for additives or sugars, resulting in a pure taste.

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