A characterful alcohol-free distilled spirit from Amsterdam. Authentically crafted with 10  botanicals and mixed with sand-filtered Dutch dune water. An intriguing and complex taste  layered with herbal, flowery and fresh notes. Driven by the power of the dandelion leaves.  Standing out in any cocktail!


Live, laugh, love. Corny? You betcha! But like most clichés, all too true. Choose to enjoy life  to the full. Find your own perfect balance. Be free and stay fit, physically, and mentally. Do  whatever it takes and whatever takes your fancy. Dance on the tables, moonwalk on the  treadmill…

But don’t forget to find joy and positivity in life’s smaller pleasures; be it dining or dancing,  dumbbells or dandelions. And like the dandelion, don’t be afraid to go where the wind blows  you. Settle anywhere, look around you and enjoy the moment. Cocktails for breakfast? Why  not? Now you can. 

We may all have slightly different tastes, but we all share the same Taste For Life.  GINAMIS – the free spirit.  

GINAMIS, on the Dutch market since December 2021, is a craft distilled alcohol-free spirit  using 10 botanicals and Dutch sand-filtered dune water. Born and raised in Amsterdam. Besides a number of common botanicals like juniper, cardamom, coriander seeds, and  rosemary – the spirit contains some surprising botanicals: cinnamon, nutmeg, and most  notably dandelion-leaves! This unique mix creates a drink which is pleasant and arousing on  the nose, and characterful, long lasting & refreshing in a cocktail. Even more so, one of the  key features of GINAMIS is that it really stands out in a cocktail. 

Last but not least, GINAMIS is also vegan, gluten free and sugar free. And thus contains 0 calories!


GINAMIS can be enjoyed in many different cocktails and or G&T variants: GINAMIS &  Tonic that is! 


One of our favorites is THE CLASSIC AMIS: 

GINAMIS (50ml) with a Premium Indian Tonic water (125ml) in a large copa-glass filled to  the rim with ice and garnished with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick.\



2021: Bronze at the Dutch Non-Alcoholic Spirit Awards, and Best Dutch Alcohol-free “Gin”

2022: Bronze at IWSC Awards in the category No-Lo Spirits 

2022: Bronze at IWSC Awards in the category Best Alcohol-free Mixer 2022: Bronze at the Dutch Non-Alcoholic Spirit Awards,  

2022: Gold – Public Choice Award at the Dutch Non-Alcoholic Spirit Awards @ The Perfect  Serve Bar Show Amsterdam 



Bellissima! Tastes like the virgin version of a GinMare & tonic! Delicious & refreshing! Ignazio Gangi, Head Barman The Vault @ Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam 

Impressed! Better than Seedlip. I could drink this the entire evening!  

Tommie Meijer, Founder Whisky & Gin Tastings and Owner Mitra Amstelveen 

Refreshing and really comes through in the different alcohol-free cocktails! Esther ten Hove, Founder @ Solifeclub 

GINAMIS was one of the alcohol-lfree spirits I judged during the Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit  Awards. The alcohol-free ‘gin’ was awarded the honour of Best Dutch Alcohol-free gin! Bart Waterschoot, Founder Cocktailicious 



We have partnered with The Cocktail Agency for the very simple reason that we feel our  story needs to be told! Told by experts, told by genuine people with credibility!  Moreover, GINAMIS needs to be tasted and tried by as many mindful drinkers as possible. In  the new category of alcohol-free spirits, people need to be invited, inspired and challenged in  their curiosity. Come around and taste it! You will find it is so “lekker” you will want a  second drink!

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