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Gin 1689 & Pink Gin 1689

Gin 1689, Other gins have a story. We have a legend.

In 1689, William of Orange travelled to London from the Netherlands, bringing a Dutch drink – gin – with him. Safe to say, it caught on.

In 2016, we made the same journey: two friends from Amsterdam, inspired to make the same gin, with the original 1689 recipe; a hit all over again.

We discovered one of the very earliest gin recipes in the archives of the British Library and have brought it back to life as Gin 1689. Our ‘’London Dry’’ and pink ‘’’Queen Mary Edition’’ are a taste of the true originals. And they’re well worth the 300-year wait.

Try it and be part of our kind of history.

Taste the legacy. This is Gin 1689.

Product Description / Brand Story

1689 Dutch Dry Gin

Gin 1689, a three-century-old recipe brought back to life! During the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689, King William of Orange introduced a typical Dutch product to the British Isles. Genever, soon abbreviated to Dutch Gin. Gin soon became very popular amongst the British population. Now, 3 centuries later, the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company relaunches an authentic recipe that conquered the British Isles in 1689. The result is Gin 1689, a tribute to the Dutch craftsmanship of over three centuries ago. A beautiful combination of a strong juniper led profile with dried quince and pippin, lemon and orange peel, and warm spices of nutmeg, aniseed, and cloves. A sophisticated and intensely smooth gin, easy drank neat, in combination with your favourite Indoan tonic or in a sensational cocktail!

1689 Dutch Pink Gin

An amazingly delicious (non-sweet but dry and fruity) pink gin. It’s based on the very same authentic Gin 1689 recipe where strawberries and raspberries are added to the distillation process, giving the spirit a pink hue as well as fruity flavour. A Recipe that symbolizes the love between the two monarchs and the shared Anglo-Dutch royal heritage. The recipe is even printed on the back of the bottle! The three-century-old recipe recommends to drink the gin garnished with strawberries and raspberries, and who are we to argue with history.

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Gin 1689 is delighted to work with The Cocktail Agency as they are true professionals and they know how give you the unforgettable cocktail experience and use our authentic gin to create amazing cocktails.


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